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AthletiCBD is a California-based company engineering innovative, high potency Industrial Hemp CBD products for pain relief, muscle recovery and stress management.  CBD has become a popular topic in locker rooms and gyms across the country as a safe alternative to pain and inflammation medications.  Thanks to its non-psychoactive and non-addictive properties, CBD has been found to be highly effective in supporting health and wellness among adults.  AthletiCBD’s game-changing products provide athletes with the ultimate weapon in athlete recovery.


DARi Motion

Motion is the foundation of performance and optimizing it allows for the avoidance of injury and the improvement of performance.  Athletes train hard for success but they often neglect the most basic fundamentals of performance: biomechanics.  Whether it is a muscle imbalance, compensation pattern, or poor muscle recruitment, every athlete suffers from some biomechanical deficiency.  These directly impact performance and increase the risk of injury.  Until now, the technology to quickly and accurately diagnose these issues did not exist.  DARI Motion solves that problem.

The Sports Factory

The Sports Factory is a 39,000 square foot climate controlled indoor soccer facility in Lincoln Park, New Jersey. The state-of-the-art facility features four FieldTurf indoor soccer fields, a two-lane 60-yard sprint track and a 2,000 square foot speed & agility center. It also houses a 3,000 square foot glass enclosed mezzanine with office space, an expanded snack bar, stadium-style seating, wireless internet, flat panel televisions, restrooms, and a glass enclosed party room.


The Sports Factory conducts soccer camps, soccer tournaments, camps, instructional training programs, birthday parties and private lessons at the facility and is home to one of New Jersey’s leading development academies, TSF Academy.



Urban Dance League

Created by Anthony Rue II, aka AntBoogie, the Urban Dance League (UDL) puts street dance on the same playing field as traditional professional sports offering organized classes, competitions, and showcases. Participants battle it out in the studio and on the stage, perfecting their skills at both choreographed and freestyle dance, and proving that “Dancers are Athletes.”


Dancers receive specialized coaching from working choreographers and have the ability to earn points while learning the power of teamwork.  The UDL Season ends with dancers competing in a final GAME to earn the illustrious title of League Champions.



Black House MMA

A home away from home for members of the Tough Media family, Black House is not your average training facility. More than a group of fighters, Black House is a private facility where the Tough Media family can converge and train. The individuals that make up the Tough Media family have their own teams, but Black House provides a place for those teams to meet when in Los Angeles.






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